Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting will Save you Money and Energy

Facilities of any size will save money by maintaining a balanced climate. Businesses will see an immediate return on window investment when commercial films are installed by lowering energy and operating costs every month.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Enhance the Building’s Appearance

People will judge you by your professional appearance. Make the best impression with Panorama decorative window films on your building or in your office. Arizona Solar Control offers varieties of soft and neutral hues that will perfectly complement the color of your structure and give any building a professional, sleek and uniform appearance. This is not the window tinting of the past. Commercial films provide beauty and design as well as function.

Comfortable Work Environment

Any sunlit environment is subject to problems like hotspots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperature. We know that it’s important to keep employees, clients, guests and shoppers comfortable. Commercial window film screens out significant amounts of uv rays, heat and glare from entering your work environment, softening the light, balancing the temperature and maintaining a comfortable work environment all year-round.

Quality Installation Standards

Our installation team is trained to do an outstanding job in your building with minimum interruption to your business as usual. We maintain strict policies to ensure efficient and consistent installation, every time. Our technicians pay attention to the slightest details, and every business is treated with the utmost respect. Installers wear protective booties, will remove and replace all furnishings and blinds, place protective tarps in all affected areas, and will perform an efficient and complete clean up.

Interior Protection

Protect the valuable contents of your building with window tinting. Interior space can experience damaging and harmful effects of solar heat and uv rays from the sun, such as fading of merchandise, furniture, carpet, draperies and equipment. Window film rejects up to 100 percent of destructive uv light and solar heat, so it preserves the value of your property.

Secure Your Building

The glass and windows may be the most vulnerable part or your building. Safety in the workplace is top priority, and commercial window films are available in a thick, security window film version, which helps hold window glass in place if shattered. This feature can reduce the chances of burglary, property damage and even personal injury.

Window Film Warranty

You can buy with confidence and enjoy peace of mind knowing that Arizona Solar Control stands behind our extensive line of high-tech window films with an exceptional factory Commercial 15 year warranty!