Quick List Of Facts

Solar window film has been around for decades. Most people were unaware of it or had misconceptions until recently because solar window film was used mostly commercially. Now that it’s prevalent in both commercial and residential properties, the interest in it continues to grow. Unfortunately the internet is full of bad information. As experts in the industry for over 30 … Read More

Setting The Record Straight

There are so many myths surrounding solar window film. Here are some of the most prominent ones and the greatest hesitations from prospective clients. The benefits of solar film far outweigh any hesitations. Myth: Window films cause glass breakage. False. Solar window films are almost never the single cause of glass breakage on existing glass. Most glass breaks as a … Read More

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Solar window films are increasing in popularity and for great reason. Once used traditionally for commercial use, homeowners are now taking full advantage of the benefits of solar window films for residential use. As one of the top window film professionals in the valley we do receive a ton of questions from potential customers. Here are some frequently asked questions … Read More

Reenforce Your Glass And Protect Your Home/Office

It’s monsoon season and so far the storms have been fierce. Storm damage can range from shattered windows to downed trees and can cost you a fortune to repair. We cannot control the weather but we can be proactive to protect our home and office. Window films come in a variety of options from decorative to security. No matter which … Read More

Improve Your Work Environment

When you own a business you rely heavily on productivity to help you remain successful in a competitive market. Whether your business is a warehouse, a call center or retail company there’s a strong correlation between productivity and success. You have probably done all you can to make your employees productive people. You have probably hand selected them and trained … Read More

Property Ownership & Solar Films

Owning real estate such as a home or commercial building is an amazing investment. Typically the value of the property continues to rise and gain equity with each year of ownership. But being a property owner means maintaining your property to protect the value of your investment. Maintenance includes your every day upkeep like cleaning and touch up painting as … Read More

Protection From UV Rays & Sun Exposure

Summer time in Arizona means longer days as the sun beats down on us into the evening hours. Although sunshine has its benefits in smalls doses by supplying us with vitamin D and vitamin B, it has greater risks than reward this time of year. What are some of the risks from sun exposure? The sun poses many risks including … Read More

The Value Of Professional Installation

Doug Installing Film

Cost is a huge factor when you’re looking to make some updates to your home. Sometimes cutting corners doesn’t make a big difference in quality and outcome, other times it’s not worth the risks. So what’s the deal with solar window films? Is this one of those projects you can do yourself? Solar window films are tints made up of … Read More

Diving Into The Pros & Cons Of Solar Film

Solar window film is a wonderful solution for the home or office. It provides numerous benefits at a relatively low cost. Like any investment it requires some research and consideration. Here are some pros and cons to assist you in making your decision. Pros- Window film is easy to install and maintain. If you decide to follow through with solar … Read More

Will Window Film Make The Rooms Too Dark?

The summers here in Arizona are hot, bright, and long. Sunlight penetrates our windows for about 13 hours a day during the summer which increases exposure to extreme heat, excess light, and dangerous UV radiation. Since we can’t beat the heat our goal is to avoid it as much as we can by staying inside. Unfortunately our homes and office … Read More