Landlord And Property Management Benefits

Window films can be a major asset for a landlords or property management firms. If you own commercial property, installing solar window films can help attract businesses to your space. You want whoever leases your building to be happy with the space because having happy tenants means long term business for you. The better your property looks, the more you … Read More

What’s Changed In The Industry?

The stigma of the old window tinting still lingers in the minds of some would be customers. It’s ugly or it makes the rooms too dark! People think about the old mirrored and outdated window tint you see on high rises or the dark window film you spot on residentials. But like most things, new technology is always coming out. … Read More

How Long Does Solar Film Last?

Solar window films are an investment intended to last a long time. We often get the question “how long will it last?” How long film lasts depends on a few factors. One of which would be brand. Solar window films are produced by numerous manufacturers. Not every manufacturer is of the same caliber. It’s like buying a car. A vehicle … Read More

Work Environment Is Everything

Believe it or not, environment plays a huge role in a company’s success in business. You want your office space to not only serve its purpose but to also be highly functional and inviting. Commercial property owners are turning to company’s like AZ Solar Control to improve their workspace with solar window films. Numerous studies indicate a direct correlation between … Read More

Updating Your Home Is Easy

If you’re looking to make home improvements without having to take out a huge loan, solar window films may be a cost effective solution for you. Homes have what is called an economic life. The economic life is the time is which the home is considered to be gaining equity and building value. As time goes on homes start to … Read More

What To Look For In A Company

Are you looking to install solar window films on your home or office windows? Just like any decision, you want to be educated and informed before you decide what product and what company to go with. Solar films are no different. With so many products out on the market it’s crucial that you do proper research. This means finding a … Read More

Protect Your Storefront With Solar Window Films

Solar window film is designed to protect your home or business from heat, UV rays and other environmental factors. However the technology for solar films continues to change and improve prompting the development of products that go beyond just solar protection. Films designed for commercial use can offer additional benefits and protection for the business and owner. For example, we … Read More

How Window Films Protect Your Glass

Monsoon season is in full effect. Thunder, lightning, heavy winds and lots of rain. It’s all over the news right now. I’ve seen a lot of damage in my own neighborhood in the last few weeks. Don’t stress about the storms, protect your windows with solar window films. Here’s how we can help you keep your home and family safe … Read More

What Are Uses For Solar Window Film

Solar window film is a versatile product. It offers a lot of benefits, comes in many choices and can be installed on any glass surface. So what kind of uses can solar window film be used for? Solar window film comes in patterns, colors and can even be custom designed. We have done installations in waiting rooms to add a … Read More