Commercial Film – Why It’s A Must For Your Business

Commercial businesses make the perfect customer for solar window film. Whether you run a call center in a high rise downtown or a warehouse in an industrial stretch of the city, solar window films can benefit any business. Solar control window films are one of the most cost conscious solutions to cut down on energy costs and improve comfort in … Read More

Why Solar Films Prevent UV Exposure

Solar window films apart from helping keep your home comfortable through reducing solar energy and preventing heat gain, also help keep you safe inside your home or office. Solar energy and UV rays are able to reach you indoors through windows or other areas of glass putting people, animals and even belongings at risk of long term damage. To better … Read More

Benefits Of Solar Film In The Cooler Months

Summer is finally over and it will begin to cool down now. With fall and winter approaching, most of us are looking forward to being more comfortable outside and inside our homes. Without the summer heat making us miserable we can go back to being productive and enjoying our lives. In the solar film industry, summer time means big business. … Read More

Why Window Films Are Worth Investing In

Yes we all know by now that solar window film has its benefits just like adding tint to a vehicle it will help cool you down, but to what extent? Is installing window film in your home or office space really worth the time, money and hassle? Is solar window film truly a good investment? To help answer these all … Read More

Understanding The What Is It & How It Works Of Window Film

Solar window film is most often referred to as window tint. We all know it helps keep the sun out of home or workplace, but how does it work? It’s not as simple as one might think. There’s actually a lot of technology behind it. Window films were initially created in the space program to help keep the UV at … Read More

The Evolution Of Window Film

Solar window films have come a long way since the ugly and dated mirrored film on skyscrapers we seem to all associate it with. From being designed from a functionality perspective alone to now being created to make a statement. Solar window films come in an array of options and selections to suit anyone’s needs and taste.  At Arizona Solar … Read More

Overcoming Concerns/Objections

After working three decades in the industry we have heard a lot of excuses why people postpone solar window film installation. The biggest hesitations include cost. People will say “I’ll do it later, I don’t want to spend the money right now.” Another reason people put off getting window films is that “it’s almost fall” or “it’s winter now, I’ll … Read More

Why Privacy Matters – The Benefits Of Window Film

Solar window films provide comfort by reducing the amount of solar energy that enters a home or office, but an added benefit that’s less spoken of is increased privacy. When it comes to your home you certainly want privacy afterall it is your safe space where you shouldn’t feel like you can’t relax or be yourself. In the office privacy … Read More

Setting The Record Straight On Misconceptions

Like many products, solar window film has some “competition” so to speak. This competition such as alternative solutions (like shutters, sun screens and blinds) has tried to improve consumer response by bashing solar films. Unfortunately that’s created some misconceptions about the solar film industry and the many products we have. So it’s time to set the record straight because as … Read More

Insulate Your Windows And Protect Your Family With Window Film

In your home, all the walls are insulated. Whether that insulation is brick or fibrous material that insulation protects your family from the elements outside. When the summer comes and the heat is unbearable you are protected by that insulation. When it’s freezing outside and everything is covered in ice you are protected by that insulation. Insulation is what makes … Read More