Decorative Window Film Offers Endless Possibilities

Decorative window films offer some amazing possibilities for homes and businesses. Here are a few reasons why decorative window film is a great option for you: 1) It’s a fantastic way to personalize your space. Decorative window films allow owners, tenants and landlords to personalize a room or an entire building without spending a fortune. Its affordable to purchase and … Read More

The Basics: What To Know About Solar Film

Solar window film is a self adhesive film that is applied to glass surfaces to help control solar radiation and solar energy from entering through the glass. Solar films come in many options. Understanding the science behind solar films requires experience and education, but as a solar film provider we try to provide our customers with a crash course. We … Read More

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Solar window films are designed to help neutralize temperatures in your home or office. The goal is to make the space more comfortable, protect your assets, and lower your electric bill. But how much can you actually anticipate saving on your energy bill with solar window film? Cost savings are determined by many factors including which type of film you … Read More

The Benefits Of Window Films On Commercial Buildings

Commercial office buildings are the perfect candidates for window film. When you imagine a commercial office building, I bet your vision is similar to most people’s and would include several stories of floor to ceiling windows. Almost every office building is designed with windows everywhere to provide a more open feel for those who work inside. No one wants to … Read More

Privacy And Security With Window Films

Security Windows

The holiday season is peak season for theft. Thieves know most people do two things this time of year: spend money on gifts and go out of town. These factors add increased appeal to burglars putting homeowners at greater risks. Privacy and home security are worries we all have. We want to feel safe in our home and we want … Read More

Stay Warm This Winter With Solar Window Films

As we approach the holiday season, things are starting to cool down. Finally, being outside is bearable but soon temperatures will start to drop. Although Arizona is known for its warm climate, our winter temps can get close to freezing. It’s time to turn off the AC and crank up the heat. How do solar window films control temperatures in … Read More

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Tint

When you’re selecting window films there are a lot of things to consider. You want to choose the right tint to match your needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re tinting your home or office, choosing the right product is essential. One thing to remember is samples can be misleading. A lot of our customers just ask to see samples and want … Read More

The Science Behind The Film

Technology has come a long way. Every day we learn more and improve what we have already created so it can be better and more efficient. Like most products, solar window film continues to change with new technology and concepts. We all know that solar window films block out heat, but how? What’s the science behind solar window tinting? Let’s … Read More

Landlord And Property Management Benefits

Window films can be a major asset for a landlords or property management firms. If you own commercial property, installing solar window films can help attract businesses to your space. You want whoever leases your building to be happy with the space because having happy tenants means long term business for you. The better your property looks, the more you … Read More

What’s Changed In The Industry?

The stigma of the old window tinting still lingers in the minds of some would be customers. It’s ugly or it makes the rooms too dark! People think about the old mirrored and outdated window tint you see on high rises or the dark window film you spot on residentials. But like most things, new technology is always coming out. … Read More