Glare Control With Solar FIlms

Imagine sitting in your living room turning on the television to watch your favorite show and not being able to see the screen because the sun is creating a horrible glare on the TV. You get up to adjust the blinds and sit back down to realize that the other window is the one causing the problem. We have all … Read More

Debunking The Myths About Window Film

Solar window film is a great product that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. More people should be aware of the product and the solutions it offers homeowners and business owners alike. Part of educating the public on the benefits and value of solar window film includes debunking the myths surrounding it. • It’s not a long term solution. False. … Read More

Understanding The Percentages & Numbers

When you’re researching window film, it can become overwhelming very quickly! There’s so many different numbers that come up on the topic like how much solar energy it blocks or the percentage of UV protection. Trying to comprehend this information is like reading a foreign language to the average consumer. So allow us to help you better understand the language … Read More

Privacy Solutions

Homes these days are being built with extra windows, large glass doors, and bright open entry ways because aesthetically it’s more pleasing. But is it actually sensible and functional? It definitely creates an issue of privacy. The more glass in the home, the more vulnerable it becomes. No one wants to live in a glass box where everyone can see … Read More

Security Film & The Benefits

Security Windows

It seems every time we turn on the news there is some story about a burglary or attempted robbery inside a nice quiet neighborhood. It’s hard to believe it can happen so close to home, but it does. We cannot stop burglars from committing crimes but we can do the best to protect our home and ourselves. Being proactive. Security … Read More

When Is The Best Season To Install Window Film

Residential Property

We hear from a lot of prospective customers that they are “waiting until it heats up” or “waiting until it cools off” to install their solar window film. Perhaps they wait until they believe they will reap the maximum benefit from the investment or maybe they think they need to plan around work to schedule some major time off. So … Read More

Beat The Heat, Don’t Just Deal With It

It’s warming up again and I bet you’ve switched your heat off and your air conditioner back on again. It seems like we are always trying to escape the heat in Arizona, even in the winter months. So don’t rush over and crank that air conditioner, instead give us a quick call to discuss the benefits of solar window film. … Read More

Solar Films Offer Great Savings

It’s a New Year and people have new resolutions. Some want to work out, others want to break bad habits but almost everyone vows to try and save money! Find out how window films can save you money. Energy bills: Solar window films are created to reduce the amount of the suns energy from entering your home or office. By … Read More

Decorative Window Film Offers Endless Possibilities

Decorative window films offer some amazing possibilities for homes and businesses. Here are a few reasons why decorative window film is a great option for you: 1) It’s a fantastic way to personalize your space. Decorative window films allow owners, tenants and landlords to personalize a room or an entire building without spending a fortune. Its affordable to purchase and … Read More