What To Look For In A Company

Are you looking to install solar window films on your home or office windows? Just like any decision, you want to be educated and informed before you decide what product and what company to go with. Solar films are no different. With so many products out on the market it’s crucial that you do proper research. This means finding a … Read More

Protect Your Storefront With Solar Window Films

Solar window film is designed to protect your home or business from heat, UV rays and other environmental factors. However the technology for solar films continues to change and improve prompting the development of products that go beyond just solar protection. Films designed for commercial use can offer additional benefits and protection for the business and owner. For example, we … Read More

How Window Films Protect Your Glass

Monsoon season is in full effect. Thunder, lightning, heavy winds and lots of rain. It’s all over the news right now. I’ve seen a lot of damage in my own neighborhood in the last few weeks. Don’t stress about the storms, protect your windows with solar window films. Here’s how we can help you keep your home and family safe … Read More

What Are Uses For Solar Window Film

Solar window film is a versatile product. It offers a lot of benefits, comes in many choices and can be installed on any glass surface. So what kind of uses can solar window film be used for? Solar window film comes in patterns, colors and can even be custom designed. We have done installations in waiting rooms to add a … Read More

Installation & Maintenance

There’s a number of reasons that solar window films are the way to go for heat and sun control in your home or business. However some stand out reasons include the easy installation and the fact that they are so low maintenance. The upkeep for solar window films is almost non existent. Whether you’re installing films in your home or … Read More

Get The Right Protection With Solar Window Films

The summer heat has already hit us hard here in Arizona. We are seeing story after story on the news about heat exhaustion, sun poisoning and dehydration. The number of hospital visits and deaths seem to be increasing with each summer. With temperatures peaking at 120 degrees, even being inside isn’t a true escape from the heat and sun. So … Read More

Bought A Home? Give Us A Call

When you buy a home, whether new or resale it is always expensive. It seems like the costs just keep coming and you can’t catch a break anywhere. New builds are beautiful but don’t come with all the extras you desire like window coverings and back yard landscaping. Most people want to get window coverings installed before they move in … Read More

Window Film In AZ Is Almost A Necessity

Living in Arizona can be beautiful. Not many states have sunshine year round. We are blessed to not have constant rain or clouds. Our skies are clear and the sun is almost always shining down on us. The downfall of living in Arizona is the hot hot summers. The summers can be completely unbearable and the constant sunshine means endless … Read More

Solar Films: A Great Investment

Solar window film is a great investment in your home or business for obvious reasons including heat and glare control, as well as energy cost savings. When it comes to making an investment, there are typically two questions: how quickly will I start seeing a return on my investment and what’s the lifespan of solar window film? Ready for the … Read More