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The internet can be a valuable resource when you’re looking to research a product or service. However, not all sources are credible. A lot of our customers who did online research before talking with us about solar window film, came across some common misconceptions about the product that turned them off from the idea. We are here to set the record straight and provide factual and valuable information about solar window films. Some of these common misconceptions are…

  • Window film is too expensive – Window film comes in a vast variety of options, styles and prices. Certain specialty products are more expensive than the basic product, but surprisingly window films are incredibly affordable. The cost to install window film is often a lot less than installing custom drapes, screens or shutters in your home. The film cuts down on the light and heat that gets in through your windows without breaking the bank. It’s a very affordable solution. The cost savings you will receive from installing window film over the product lifetime is well worth the investment. You will begin to see cost savings on your energy bills almost immediately. Not only does it not break the bank to install, but it also gives you a regular return on your investment.
  • Window film damages, blisters and peels easily – This is actually false. Window film is made to adhere directly to your window “corner to corner” and is custom fitted to your glass. The adhesive is activated upon installation and seamlessly sticks to your window without bubbling or blistering. When installed by a professional, it’s hardly noticeable at all. The product will look like it’s been there all along. Additionally, window film is created to withstand his levels of heat and sun exposure and are made to hold up for 10-20 years. Most products come with a lifetime warranty as well, so if any damage does occur the product will be replaced at no cost. Even though it’s not expensive to get window films, the products are made to be high quality and last for years.
  • Window film is difficult and time consuming to install – When installed by a professional, window film is incredibly easy to install. The right installation professional can install a whole house in a day or two. It’s not one of those projects where you will need to call out of work for a whole week to get it done. At AZ Glass Tinting we work around your schedule and can even do after hour installations. Our techs have been doing this for 20-30 years a piece and can do it in a timely and efficient manner. The best part about the installation is it’s pretty mess free. We custom cut the film in our office and come out ready to apply it to your windows. As quickly as we can get it up, you will start to notice an immediate difference in the comfort of your home.
  • Window film is difficult to care for – Window film is a hearty and quality product that doesn’t take much to upkeep. We tell our clients not to worry about having to wash the windows often. For the most part, the product can be left alone. If you’re interested in washing or cleaning the windows, you can use a simple soft soap solution with water, a damp rag or you can use common household cleaning products such as a window cleaner. Don’t stress about damaging the product. It’s meant to last and withstand regular wear and tear. It’s easy to care for and made to last.
  • Window film doesn’t provide enough privacy – Window film comes in several styles and shades to offer customers the ability to choose which product is best suited for them. Some products are lighter than others but they all offer a degree of privacy. Think about your car, if you have the windows tinted it’s harder for the people in the car next to you to see in. Essentially window films offer the same advantage. Not only do they cut down on the heat exposure, they offer a level of privacy too. Window tint will make it harder for people to see into your home and office building from the outside. From the inside your view will not be obstructed. You can choose a lighter or darker product, the darker the film the greater the privacy. It’s really up to you to decide what product you’re most comfortable with and what meets your needs. You can feel at ease knowing that every product offers a level of increased privacy and comfort.
  • Window film will make my rooms too dark – Window film is made to cut down on light without obstructing your view. Some films are darker than others but most all films still allow light to come through keeping your room from being too dark. The way the film works is it cuts down on the UV rays that make their way through your windows. The UV rays are the rays from the sun that cause damage to decor and furniture and are dangerous to people and pets. Reducing the UV rays from coming in doesn’t darken the room. The suns energy is filtered through the film and the film cuts down on the heat and glare from the sun. However, the film doesn’t completely black out a room, it still offers a great amount of light into the space. A light tint will improve the comfort of your space without making it too dark, that we can promise you.

Now that we have cleared up some of the common misconceptions, you can see that window film is truly a valuable product. It’s cost friendly and offers a great return on your investment. It’s easy to care for and intended to last a lifetime of between 10-20 years. Not to mention that most products come with a warranty to sweeten the deal. To get a quote or find our more information, please feel free to call us at 623-780-4950.

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