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Looking to spruce up your home or office? We can help.

I know it’s surprising, but we don’t only do window tinting. We do all types of solar window film, not just the type used for heat, glare and privacy. Solar window films come in a variety of styles, textures and patterns. We can do decorative films to accent your office or home as well as add a personal touch to your space. We can order already existing patterns or we can have a custom pattern be made for you. You may have noticed patterned films in places like hotels where their glass windows or walls are decorated in beautiful patterns that almost look like a painting or pretty fabric. That’s something you can absolutely get for yourself and it won’t cost as much as you think either. It’s easily installed and not hard to take care of. So why not personalize your space?

Looking to increase branding and exposure? We can help.

In addition to window tint and decorative films, we also can do logos. Yes, that’s right! We can do your company logo on any area of glass. Whether you want to add a logo to your store front so customers can find your office or you want to do some branding inside the conference or meetings rooms, we can do it all. We can custom make your logo in any font, color, size or style. Just like other window films, it goes on easily and won’t break the bank. Let us help you increase brand awareness by making some company logos for you to proudly display. The turnaround time is fast so why wait?

Check out more some samples of what we can do at our website az-solarcontrol.com or call us for a quote at 623-780-4950. We are happy to help.


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For 30 years, AZ Glass Tinting has been improving lives with exceptional window films. We work with home builders, interior designers, property management teams, glass companies, building engineers and homeowners on all aspects of window tinting and film. We work on both Residential and Commercial projects.

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