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We got a call today about a former customer who had their store front broken into over the weekend. He was understandably upset but let us know how glad he was that he had window film installed on his store front windows. He told us the film kept the broken glass intact. Not a single piece of the shattered glass had fallen on the floor preventing a health and safety hazard for his staff. Additionally, the window film slowed the crooks down. They weren’t able to shatter and enter the windows like they had hoped.

Window films are installed for many reasons. A lot of our calls come in from businesses seeking to increase privacy and security. Every business has areas of vulnerability. Most companies install security systems, cameras and even hire security guards to safeguard their business and valuables inside. But one area that is often overlooked is the windows. Windows are an easy access point for breaking and entering into a building. Thieves like to use windows because they can break them with one hit from a hammer and gain access almost instantly. It allows for quick entry and exit as they take off with your stuff. It’s time to take a stand, don’t allow crooks access through your windows.


By installing window film on your office windows you are putting up a barrier between security risks and your business. Window film has self adhesive that clings to your glass directly and in the event of an attempted break in, the film will hold the glass in place slowing the thieves down. They will have to work a lot harder if they want entry into your facility. The film will reduce the threat of glass breakage and increase office safety for all that work there. The benefits of window film don’t stop there. The film will increase privacy for your business as well. The film helps block out unwanted eyes or attempts to steal proprietary information. By putting up window film you’re securing not only your assets but also all the client information you’ve collected throughout your career. Let us help you reduce security risks and increase privacy for your company. In addition to improved security and privacy, you will have additional benefits too. Just like traditional solar window film, security window film helps reduce heat and improves the climate of your office. Having a comfortable and safe environment to work in will boost company morale and improve your business.

Call us today for more information or a free quote 623-780-4950. Just like our other clients, you will be glad you did.


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