Decorative Film Has Many Uses

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Decorative window film can be used for a variety of purposes from sprucing up a room to decreasing heat from entering a space. However there are many other uses that you may not have thought of.


Some offices are full of glass, including glass cubicles. Modern design loves an open feel to an office space, but it doesn’t allow for much privacy. Installing decorative window film can help separate and divide spaces to allow for more function and privacy. Imagine having glass cubicles where your employees are constantly distracted by their peers every move. Installing an opaque or patterned window film can help eliminate these distractions and make the space far more functional for your employees.


A lot of bathrooms these days have large picture windows to allow in a large amount of light to make your space feel larger and more inviting. But what happens when you’re trying to relax from a long day of work and take a bath? Those big beautiful windows do not provide any privacy for the residents in the bathroom. You don’t have to install huge curtains that detract from the view, simply install some privacy film to give you the privacy you want while maintaining the open feel in your bathroom. We use frosted films and patterned films for shower doors, bathroom windows and skylights.


Most companies have logos and signs on the outside of their building but not every company utilizes their windows for more branding. When you have huge storefront windows, why not use them? Branding is so important to develop a name and product that people know and trust. Part of getting customers to recognize your brand is through exposure. Don’t let your office building go unnoticed by just having a small sign on the stucco of the building, add some to the windows too! You can use decorative window film to your advantage by creating logos and murals that are custom made for you. We can help you make a design that will stand out and grab the attention of passerby’s. Custom made logos and murals are an affordable way to spruce up your office and get our name out there for the world to see.

These are some uses of decorative film that are often overlooked or not thought of. Decorative film allows you to have fun. There are so many different designs, let your imagination run wild. These are just a few of the suggestions for you but there are so many other things you can use it for. It’s an affordable, versatile and functional solution for your home or office. Call us today for more information or for a free quote 623-780-4950.


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