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The Arizona summer is fast approaching and temperatures are already reaching the 90s. Unfortunately, it’s only the beginning. Summer temps can reach the 120s as early as May and June. Beat the heat this summer with solar window films.

The Department of Energy suggests cooling and heating costs make up the majority of our energy consumption. About 1/3 of your cool air escapes through your windows and doors. the summer those energy bills can sky rocket as you attempt to keep your home cool by cranking your air conditioner. Your pocket book is being strained and your air conditioning unit is being overworked as well. Did you know installing solar window film can help reduce heat gain and maintain a comfortable climate in your home?

Solar window films are designed to allow for natural light to filter in but block out infrared light and reduce the amount of the suns energy from entering through your windows. Tinting your windows will not make your home too dark since the natural light will still be able to come right through. What it does is it protects your home from excess heat gain preventing the sun from continuously baking your home from the inside out.

By reducing the amount of heat getting in and the cool air from getting out you will be able to maintain a controlled climate. Your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard when your home is a constant and comfortable temperature. You don’t have to suffer these summer months. Leave the blinds open and enjoy that beautiful natural sunlight without the heat.

Solar window films are easily installed and start taking effect immediately. It’s an affordable solution you and your family can enjoy year round. In the winter months, the film helps keep the warm air in and prevent it from escaping through the windows. Talk about saving money! Window films come in a variety of options, colors and styles that will suit the needs of any homeowner. Call today at 623 780 4950 and get a free quote. It’s time to beat the heat and start enjoying your home year round.

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