Solar Films: A Great Investment

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Solar window film is a great investment in your home or business for obvious reasons including heat and glare control, as well as energy cost savings. When it comes to making an investment, there are typically two questions: how quickly will I start seeing a return on my investment and what’s the lifespan of solar window film?

Ready for the great news? As soon as the solar window film is installed, you will start saving money on your electric bill. Solar window film is designed to block out a vast majority of the suns energy penetrating the glass. By reducing the amount of the suns energy getting into your home or office, you will experience a more comfortable and climate controlled environment. Having a more constant and consist temperature in your home or office decreases the need to crank your air conditioner to cool off your space. Most people see a cost savings on their energy bill that very same month. On average it’s been reported that solar window film has paid for itself within three to nine months.

How long do solar window films last? Solar windows films when professionally installed, are designed to last. They are durable and resilient. Depending on the brand and product you choose, window film has a lifespan of between 5 and 20 years. Some customers have even had film last decades! The investment is well worth it because you’re protecting your home and office from the damaging sun for a long period of time and saving money for the extent of that lifespan. Solar window films also come with warranties. Again these warranties vary depending on the brand, product and company who does the installation. Most warranties are designed to protect your investment for the products lifetime from peeling, bubbling, discoloration and many other issues associated with typical wear and tear. So not only are you making a great investment, you’re also protecting it through using a professional company like AZ Glass Tinting. Do it yourself products do not offer these benefits.

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