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Solar window film is a versatile product. It offers a lot of benefits, comes in many choices and can be installed on any glass surface. So what kind of uses can solar window film be used for?

Solar window film comes in patterns, colors and can even be custom designed. We have done installations in waiting rooms to add a splash of beauty to a bland space. The film can help to separate spaces so the room doesn’t just blend together. We have also dressed up hotel lobby’s to make the lobby area welcoming with bold designs. Lots of businesses want to create themes or atmospheres. This can be achieved with decorative window films. Adding logos to conferences rooms or other areas of glass for business is another use. We can help companies increase branding on any glass surface they desire. Whether you’re looking to place a logo on your storefront or carryout the branding internally in your space, we can help! In your home you can decorate entry way windows and doors to add curb appeal. Tie your space all together with an attractive film.

We have installed solar window film on ticket booths to reduce the glare and offer some protection for the employees from the heat. One baseball stadium in particular had a ticket booth that faced the sun directly making staff miserable and the job harder. Installing film helped remove that extra sun from the booths and eliminate the blinding sun from getting in their eyes. Banking is another industry we do a lot of work for. Their tellers seek the same glare control, sun protection and privacy. Tinting the windows makes it easier for them to see out without sun obstructing their view and keeps prying eyes out while they complete transactions for other customers. Office buildings utilize solar film for privacy and security as well. The film offers additional reinforcement of the glass deterring theft and of course makes it more difficult for people on the outside to see in. Companies want to protect their employees and customer information. The same effects can be achieved in your home. Homeowners want privacy and security so they can enjoy their space without unnecessary worries. You want to relax in your home not worry in it.

We have over 30 years of experience installing window film for both residential and commercial use. We can offer suggestions and uses to combat any concerns you have in your home or office. We have the knowledge, experience and products to complete any project you may be considering. Give us a call today at 6237804950, let us help you. We offer hassle free quotes, appropriate solutions at a great price and professional quality service.


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