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Technology has come a long way. Every day we learn more and improve what we have already created so it can be better and more efficient. Like most products, solar window film continues to change with new technology and concepts. We all know that solar window films block out heat, but how? What’s the science behind solar window tinting?

Science Behind Solar Window Tinting

Let’s start by understanding what actually causes heat. There’s a lot more too it than just sun. The sun emits solar rays. These rays include UV rays, infrared light and visible light. UV rays and infrared light are what we cannot see. UV rays are both invisible and dangerous. They have the potential to destroy personal property and impact our health. This invisible light comes in through windows and is still just as dangerous indoors as it can cancer and other health issues. Infrared light is the main component in the cause of heat. Infrared light is what heats up a car that have been sitting in sun. Finally, visible light. Visible light is the light we see and enjoy in small quantities. It’s the natural light that brightens up a room. It emits heat but not to the degree that infrared light does.

UV radiation composes about 3% of sunlight, infrared light makes up about 53% and visible light is about 44% of sunlight that comes through our windows. Solar window films are designed to eliminate the portion of sunlight that causes heat, imposes danger and can create damage to our home or our family. By installing solar window film you are eliminating nearly 100% of all UV rays. That means the dangers of UV radiation are greatly decreased. Solar window films actually have better SPF and UV protection than most sun screens. Infrared light is reduced by nearly 90% and visible light is reduced by varying degrees from 20-70% based upon your selection of film. So what does this mean? On average solar window films reduce the suns energy by about 63% but still allow a suitable amount of natural visible light in. What a difference that can make!

So how does it work you ask? Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the science of nano particles or particles we cannot see. Scientists have learned how to manipulate and create nanoparticles that essentially identify and absorb UV rays and infrared light. Solar window films have a similar technology to what scientists made for space shuttles to reduce heat and block sun in space. It’s known as spectral selectivity. The film is designed to manipulate the solar spectrum. Pretty neat huh?

So what we have learned is that solar window films are designed with a technology that eliminates most of the heat components and nearly all the dangers associated with sunlight. It’s a perfect way to reduce heat and protect your family and your home! So call us today for a free quote 623-780-4950. We would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about solar window film. You will be in great hands because after all we are the experts in the industry.

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