The Basics: What To Know About Solar Film

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Solar Film Basics

Solar Film Basics

Solar film is a self adhesive film that is applied to glass surfaces to help control solar radiation and solar energy from entering through the glass. Solar films come in many options. Understanding the science behind solar films requires experience and education, but as a solar film provider we try to provide our customers with a crash course. We want you to feel confident in your selections and make the best educated decision you can for your home or business. So let’s get to the basics of understanding solar film.

What you need to know:
Solar window film comes in essentially two major kinds which are reflective and non-reflective films. Reflective films are created to both absorb energy and repel or reject solar energy. The non-reflective films are designed with the intention of absorbing the unwanted light and heat. Both films are made with state of the art nano technology scientifically developed to block out the sun.

The glass windows in your home or office are installed to protect from outside elements such as wind, rain and dust while still allowing some natural light to enter your space. The glass however, does not provide any protection from harmful UV radiation or any barrier against the solar energy from the sun that causes excess heat and light.

Windows without any solar window films are subject to penetration of 90-100 percent of solar energy and UV rays. Solar window films can drastically reduce these numbers increasing comfort, safety and overall protection in your home or office. Installing solar films can reduce the UV rays by about 99% and reduce the solar energy by up to 80%. That makes a huge difference especially during the hot summer months. Solar window films also work to lock in warm air during the cooler months. They work as an instillation preventing cold air from entering and warm air from exiting.

Now that you know the basics of solar window films and how they work to keep your home and office comfortable, it’s time to call for your free quote. Our number is 623-780-4950. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with all your window tinting needs.

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