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It’s a New Year and people have new resolutions. Some want to work out, others want to break bad habits but almost everyone vows to try and save money! Find out how solar films can save you money.

Energy bills:
Solar window films are created to reduce the amount of the suns energy from entering your home or office. By reducing the suns energy by up to 80%, your home or office will maintain a comfortable and consistent climate. Keeping your home or office cool in the warmer months helps eliminate the need for your air conditioner to be overworked and promotes energy savings. For example, your AC operates based upon settings you choose. If you set your AC to keep your home or office at a maximum of 80 degrees during the day on a 110 degree summer day, your AC will be running nonstop to keep your home or office below 80 degrees. Solar window films reduce the excess heat entering your home so maintaining that 80 or below temperature will be easier to obtain. If your AC runs less, your energy bill will be less as well. In the cooler months, the window film insulates your space. The same theory applies that your heater will not have to work as hard to maintain a warm and comfortable temperature saving you money. The average annual savings is between 5-10% on your energy bill. In especially hot or cold months you may see greater savings.

Replacement costs:
The cost to replace damaged furniture, flooring, peeling paint and warped wood is astounding. Although you cannot see the changes to your property on a daily basis, I can promise the sun is changing them every single time it comes in contact with the items inside your home or office. Think of it like this if you take a magnifying glass and concentrate the suns energy through it onto a leaf it begins to wilt, change shape and color. It may even catch fire. Now that is exactly the power the sun has. Your windows offer the perfect way to channel the suns energy into your space. You have to protect your property. Solar window films protect furniture from fading, paint from peeling from the sun, and wood flooring from warping among many other things. Think of how much money you can save over time by extending the life of your property.

If you buy solar window film from us here at AZ Glass Tinting, you receive a warranty for the lifetime of the film and on most products we also offer a warranty for your glass. We want to make sure our customers have their investment protected. If your film gets damaged, contact us to see about getting your film replaced. If your glass breaks, we may have that covered for you as well. Solar window film typically has a lifespan of 10-15 years. Having warranties saves money because it offers protection. If some damage does occur within the parameters of the warranty, you don’t need to come out of pocket to replace it.

These are just some of the ways solar window film helps save you money. Call us today at 6237804950 to find out more advantages of investing in solar film and why AZ Glass Tinting is a great fit for you. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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