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It’s warming up again and I bet you’ve switched your heat off and your air conditioner back on again. It seems like we are always trying to escape and beat the heat in Arizona, even in the winter months. So don’t rush over and crank that air conditioner, instead give us a quick call to discuss the benefits of solar window film. Here’s some things you won’t have to do anymore when you invest in solar window film for your home …

When it’s hot outside we try everything to get comfortable. We turn fans on and lower our temperature controls hoping to get some instant relief from the heat. Sometimes it takes a while for the temperature in the room to get back to a reasonable degree which means your fans and air conditioning unit are working hard to cool down your home. The harder they are working, the more money you will dish out on your electric bills. Not to mention overworking your AC unit can cause wear and tear. Repairs are not cheap which increases your costs even more. Solar window films can help take some of the weight off of your fans and AC unit. They can also reduce your energy bills by reducing the amount of the suns energy and heat that gets into your home.

You won’t have to live in the dark. When it’s hot and bright outside we shut those curtains, close the blinds and bunker down in the dark. Why? Because by eliminating the light we are keeping our home cooler. However there’s no need to do that anymore. By installing solar window film you will reduce the light and heat entering your home. The best part is is solar window films these days don’t make your space dark and dreary. Thankfully the technology has come so far, even clear film offers sun and heat protection. You won’t have to compromise your view and that natural sunlight you love to live comfortably. The films block out unwanted solar energy and excess light while still allowing adequate natural light to enter your space. It’s the perfect balance of comfort and beauty in your home.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no need to crank that AC or live in the dark. Allow us to discuss some affordable options for you on how to get your home ready for the hot months ahead. We have a huge selection of products, extensive knowledge and experienced professionals happy to help. Call us today 6237804950. It’s time to beat the heat instead of just dealing with it.

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