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Is there a right or wrong time to install window film? If so, when is the perfect time? How long is the process from start to finish? What should you expect when you make the decision to get solar film? We hear from a lot of prospective customers that they are “waiting until it heats up” or “waiting until it cools off” to install their solar window film. Perhaps they wait until they believe they will reap the maximum benefit from the investment or maybe they think they need to plan around work to schedule some major time off.

There is no perfect time to install solar window film. There is honestly no season you don’t benefit from it in one way or another. In the summer, your home will be kept cool and comfortable. All that excess heat and sunlight will be kept down to a minimum. Maybe that’s why people think they need to wait until summer to get them installed. Naturally when making an investment we want the biggest bang for our buck. However, during the winter the films provide equal benefit as they lock in that warm air and prevent the cold air from seeping in. Not to mention the sun is an issue year round, even when it’s cloudy sun exposure is a hazard to people, animals and objects. You will receive nearly 100 percent UV protection no matter what time of year you choose to have them installed. So why wait?

Installing solar window films is a pretty easy and quick process. Unlike having shutters made for your windows, we can cut the film in our shop or on site to custom fit any window. It doesn’t take weeks for us to get your product ready. From quote to installation, timeframe varies but we can often get it taken care of within the same week we meet with you. We do all the prep, installation and clean up for you. It doesn’t have to be a big headache for you. Make a call to schedule a quote with us and we will do the rest. There’s no reason to think you need to take a huge break from your day to day life for the installation. After care is just as easy too! We provide you all the information you need to care for and maintain your product. It’s a low maintenance and high quality product. The best part is you start reaping the benefits day one and the return on investment starts with the first energy bill. Our customers tend to see savings almost immediately.

So pick up the phone and make the call today at 6237804950. We would love to speak with you about improving your home or office any day, any season!

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