Understanding The Percentages & Numbers Behind Solar Window Film

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When you’re researching solar window film, it can become overwhelming very quickly! There’s so many different numbers that come up on the topic like how much solar energy it blocks or the percentage of UV protection. Trying to comprehend this information is like reading a foreign language to the average consumer. So allow us to help you better understand the language by explaining the numbers to you.

UV Rays: Solar window film is designed to block out Ultraviolet rays known to be damaging and dangerous to people and things. UV rays are completely invisible therefore we don’t see the risk when we are exposed to sunlight. UV rays can cause cancer, aging, sun spots and other issues in people and pets. They can also ruin furniture and other belongings by warping, fading or stripping the surfaces of decor and household items. Solar window films help block out up to 99% of UV rays. This means the risk and danger is almost entirely eliminated. You can enjoy the sunlight without the harmful UV rays damaging your stuff or your skin. Now keep in mind completely eliminating UV rays is not possible if light is still entering the room, however 99% is as close to perfect as you can get.

Solar Energy: The sun produces light but it also emits energy which is where the heat truly comes from. The energy can be explained when you think of using a magnifying glass to ignite a leaf in the sun. The magnifying glass channels the suns energy and transfers it to the leaf. Windows are very similar to magnifying glasses as they allow the suns energy to enter your home through panels of glass. The glass is funneling the energy and placing it right where you don’t want it. The suns energy makes your home uncomfortable and hot. Window films are created to cut down on the suns energy so that light can enter but the energy is filtered out. Solar window films come in a variety of options but they can reduce the amount of the suns energy by up to 78%. That means that nearly 80% of the heat is potentially removed from your home. Imagine living with around 80% less heat. Talk about improved comfort.

Energy Bill: The application of solar window film does decrease the amount of the suns energy entering your home which means lower energy bills. Certain articles you read like to throw out numbers like 50% less or terms like huge savings on your energy bills with solar film. Solar film provides monthly savings on your energy bill but the annual average is around 5-10% depending on the homeowner. Now in really hot or cold months, some people see savings of up to 50%. It all depends on the environmental factors in and around your home. Seasons and your thermostat settings influence savings as well. Realistically you will see a pretty consistent savings throughout the year with added savings in really hot or extremely cold months. This is because solar film reduces the need to run your AC or heat as hard or as often. It’s a great investment that offers return almost immediately.

Finally light transference depends on the film you select. Some people want more light coming in and some people want less light. There are options to meet anyone’s needs. The percentage of light coming through is up to you and your preference. For more information on solar window film call us today at 6237804950. We are happy to answer any questions or help you obtain a hassle free quote.

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