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Owning real estate such as a home or commercial building is an amazing investment. Typically the value of the property continues to rise and gain equity with each year of ownership. But being a property owner means maintaining your property to protect the value of your investment. Maintenance includes your every day upkeep like cleaning and touch up painting as well as taking care of the big areas that pose the greatest risks as they age like windows and roofs. Windows can be a huge expense if they need updating or replaced. Learn why solar window films are worth investing in. Let us help you protect and maintain your asset.

– Increase overall comfort: Investing in solar films helps to increase overall comfort in your home or office for multiple reasons. One reason is solar films decrease the amount of solar energy that enters your property through the windows. Typically the film eliminates between 30 and 80% of the energy from the sun drastically reducing the heat in your space. Another way it increases overall comfort is by decreasing excess light and providing glare control. Lastly, even in cold months solar films help warm air from escaping maintaining a controlled environment inside year round.

– Maximize efficiency: Solar films help keep out unwanted heat and glare, as well as dangerous UV rays. They make your home more comfortable and livable. They help create a work friendly environment for your employees. They also help lower energy costs by maintaining consistency in the rooms. When the temperature inside your home or office is able to be controlled the AC doesn’t kick on or run as often lowering the cost of your electric bill. When the temperature is just right and the lighting isn’t too harsh it boosts morale. This not only makes the living space more efficient but also makes the people in it more productive as well.

– Improve safety: Window films help improve safety in your home or office too. Whether you invest in solar film or security film with us, either way you’re getting a solid product that will help protect your windows and the people inside. Window films help filter out dangerous UV rays that can cause cancer and excess solar energy that can lead to heat exhaustion or sun poisoning even indoors. Furthermore window films improve privacy as they block out unnecessary prying eyes. It makes it more difficult for people to see in. Window films also deter theft and provide protection if in the event that a burglar attempts to break in. The film holds the glass together if breakage occurs preventing further damage or injury.

– Update & bring value: Finally updating your home with window films makes great improvements aesthetically, functionally, economically and it brings value to your home or office. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to update your windows. If you have old or outdated windows replacing them will cost a fortune and take a ton of time out of your life to do it. Installing solar window films is a quick process that won’t break the bank. Solar films reinforce old worn out windows and provide an attractive modern look to the glass. Keeping your home or office up to date with the times is absolutely crucial to maximize the value in your property.

As a property owner, taking care of your property is incredibly important. Solar films help protect your property and the people that reside in it in more ways than we can list. Give us a call today at 623-780-4950 and find out more reasons why solar film is the right investment for you. Let us add value to your already great investment.

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