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Solar window films are created with the intention of reducing heat and light transmission into your home or office. What people may interpret that as is that solar films make a room dark. That’s actually false. To understand how solar films work, we need to learn a bit about sunlight. 

Sunlight takes two major forms: visible and invisible light. Visible light is the form of light that can be seen by the human eye. When light enters a room and we can see that it brightens up the space, that’s visible light. Visible light is responsible for glare, heat and reflections. The issues we typically think about when we considering getting solar films. However invisible light such as infrared or UV rays are also contributing factors to heat and overall discomfort in your home or office. Invisible light is the light we cannot see because it’s too red to be seen by the human eye. Our eyes work on a spectrum and see a range of colors and lights. Invisible lights are outside of this range for us. While the presence of visible light in small regular doses is good for us and our health, invisible light is dangerous and can cause health concerns such as skin cancers and the appearance of premature aging. 

Solar film tackles both visible and invisible light in a smart way. You see solar films come in a variety of choices and choosing the right film is something we are happy to help you with. One deciding factor is how much visible light you would like in your space. The room won’t be dark unless you choose for it to be. Window films are designed with different amounts of VLT aka visible light transmission in mind for people with different goals and tastes. Visible light transmission refers to the amount of visible light that goes through the window and the film to get into your room. Just because one film is lighter than another film doesn’t mean it allows more light in a room. That’s when you want to speak with a professional like us for guidance. We can determine what percentages you should be looking for. The good news is almost all window film eliminates up to 99 percent of invisible light or the UV rays that can be harmful for you and your family. No matter what film you end up choosing, you will be in good hands. 

Solar window film is a science. Matter of fact the technology was created originally for space ships for a NASA mission. The technology is forever changing and improving. The theory that tint makes your rooms dark is no longer valid. Learning more about solar film can really help you make an educated and deliberate decision for your home or office. We would be happy to help share more knowledge with you today. Give us a call at 623-780-4950. 

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