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Solar window film is most often referred to as window tint. We all know it helps keep the sun out of home or workplace, but how does it work? It’s not as simple as one might think. There’s actually a lot of technology behind it. Window films were initially created in the space program to help keep the UV at bay in space and protect astronauts. Crazy right? Trying to understand the technology can be confusing. Don’t worry though, as experts in the industry we are here to help. 

What is window film made of? 
Solar window films are made of material most often polyester or poly blend that is created with a specific role in mind. Every product is different and offers options from clear to black even colored options with varying ranges of protection. For instance a film that is clear is less likely to offer as much protection as a darker tint might. The films come in single layer to several layers with degrees of tint to provide solutions for all homes and workplaces. For someone who is seeking the highest degree of protection, their product will likely be made of more than one layer and a deeper tint than someone who doesn’t seek that outcome. Dyes or metals are added to the films to either absorb or redirect the sunlight from entering your space. Most films also have a clear or scratch resistant coating to make them resilient to last long term. 

What are the benefits of using solar film? 
Window films are typically sought out for the purpose of reducing heat gain in a home or office. Heat gain means an increase in temperature due to the transfer of heat from the sun to your home or office. This occurs through voids such as windows, door ways or gaps in construction. Heat gain can cause your internal temperature in your building to climb putting your AC unit on hyperdrive. Overworking your cooling unit means higher electric bills and a shorter lifespan for your AC. Keeping your workspace or home cool and comfortable is important. No one wants to be miserable indoors. The whole point of staying indoors in the summer is to avoid the heat. Solar window films combat heat gain by blocking out solar energy. They can help to reduce heat gain by as much as 80 percent depending on which product you use. That’s a huge change in comfort and functionality to your space. Not to mention the cost savings on your energy bill. Can’t beat those benefits, but there’s more. 

Another benefit is glare control. Glare refers to the reflection of light from a piece of glass to another surface such as a TV screen or computer screen. The problem is that glare can completely obstruct your view and make performing a task nearly impossible. Imagine trying to unwind from a hard days work by watching your favorite tv show and finding it impossible to see what’s happening because of a nasty reflection. Or how about trying to get those reports done in time when you can’t see what you’re typing. It’s a frustrating thing to deal with. Solar films can help prevent issues with glare. Wait, there’s more. 

Other benefits of solar film include the near elimination of Ultra Violet rays. Solar films help prevent UV rays from entering your home or workspace through the glass. UV rays are dangerous to people, pets and belongings. By around eliminating 99 percent of them with solar film, you’ve got peace of mind knowing the people you care for are protected. UV rays also cause damage to belonging such as furniture, carpets, art work and even your painted walls. The UV rays can cause wood to warp, paint to peel and fabrics to bleach from the sun exposure. Not only will the people be safe, but you’re also protecting your assets from unnecessary wear and tear. 

Now that you understand what window film is made of and how they work, why wait to call and get a quote? The benefits are obvious and the choices are limitless. We can find a product for any location and basically any budget. Whether it’s a big project or small one, we will offer you the same quality service and our full attention. Call us today at 623-780-4950 for your free quote and to find out more information about solar window films.  

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