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Solar film like any other home improvements come with considerations. There’s plenty of sources out there to read about window tint, but it’s hard to know who to trust. Well, here at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting we are backed by our 30 plus years in the industry. Our knowledge and expertise is hard to match. We are happy to help set the record straight on the pros and cons of solar window film. 

Solar Film Pros-

Window films offer benefits that carry over all year. Unlike blinds or other window coverings they provide protection from the sun without blocking out your view or hindering visibility. Traditionally with blinds or curtains, to get some reprieve from the sun you’d have to close the blinds or curtains creating a darkening effect in your home. Window films offer varying degrees of tint from clear to black to provide you with the perfect level of protection and light. The majority of products allow natural light to enter the room while blocking out the heat control issues and glare problems that typically come along with it. Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? Comfort with visibility and a practical amount of natural light. You can’t beat that! 

In addition to providing relief from the heat and excess sunlight you battle during the day, solar films also help cut back on that electric bill you dread every month. Now that’s something curtains or blinds don’t do. Solar film adheres directly to your glass window pane either absorbing or repelling the solar energy produced by visible and invisible light. That energy coming from the sun is what causes the room to heat up and your air conditioning unit to kick on to combat the rising temperature. The hotter your room gets, the more your energy bill rises. By applying solar films to the window you are able to insulate your home to regulate the internal temperature. In those hot summer months your rooms will remain cooler and more controlled. During the winter months the warmth from your heating unit will stay inside instead of seeping out through your windows. Ultimately the result in your heating and cooling units don’t need to be working on overdrive and your pocket book may stay fuller. 

Privacy is another major benefit of solar window films. Yes traditional window treatments offer privacy because shutting the curtains or blinds may also cut off the ability for your neighbors to see inside, but they also block your ability to see out. What gives us peace of mind is knowing with solar window films we can see out during daylight hours but others cannot see in. You heard that correctly! Solar films don’t inhibit your ability to see out but they do make those outside unable to see right into your home. Who doesn’t want a sense of privacy and security in their own home? 

Solar Film Cons- 

Now onto the cons because every product in the world has some setbacks right? Window films can have their setbacks if you’re not doing proper research. For instance certain films may not have a lifespan as long as some of the products we carry here at AZ Glass Tinting. Buying blind you might find yourself purchasing a product that lasts around 5 years which means the cost to invest in the product may not offer that return you’re looking for. Other products may cause the room to become too dark for your comfort and needs. Every product serves a different purpose and is created with a specific formula. Some window films are made to cut out light and others will allow that natural light through only reducing the heat and glare. If you’re not familiar with window tinting, this can be incredibly tricky. Another issue with window films is that they can peel, bubble or discolor. Again you get what you pay for. If you’re trying to cut costs by self installing or going with a discount company, you may encounter these issues. Improper installation or lower quality films can come with a number of issues. 

What to consider?

What you need to consider when looking for solar window film is who are you hiring? Now days anyone can order products online and sell them for a profit. Make sure you contact a licensed and experienced company. Look for a professional who has a legitimate website and quality reviews from customers. Ask the right questions. Find out how long they have been in business. Ask who their major suppliers are and what products are their top sellers. Be sure to make sure they are licensed, boned and insured. Too often people hire contractors or companies and allow them in their home without knowing their qualifications. When you find the right company be sure to ask for a free quote and have them bring out samples. Buying online or going off of pictures in a no no. We always bring samples so our clients can see what the film looks like in person. Every film reacts differently in each home. There are so many factors that come into play. Think about choosing paint and how in one room it may appear lighter or darker depending on the lighting. Finally, trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. 

If you’re ready to find out more about solar window films pros and cons, don’t hesitate and give us a call today at 623-780-4950. We have the experience, knowledge and professional qualifications you’re searching for. We work with big name suppliers and employ only the best in the business to work on your home. We offer hassle free quotes and provide quality service unmatched by competitors. Find out why our reviews our so great and contact us at AZ Glass Tinting today. 

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