The Impact of Comfort on Productivity

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We all live incredibly busy lives with work and family life. Trying to balance it all can be super tough. With only so much free time during the day, we can’t waste a single moment. Being productive and getting your tasks done in a timely manner is crucial. According to a few studies, productivity is linked directly to comfort at both your home and office. Two of the eleven different factors listed affecting productivity were temperature and lighting. Both of these items can be improved and controlled with the help of an easy cost effective solution known as solar window film.  Find out why our products here at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting can help.

Solar window film is a type of window tint that is designed to help provide comfort for homeowners and business owners while inside their house and workplace. The film aids in decreasing the total amount of solar energy that enters through the windows and other areas of glass throughout our home or office building. The suns energy has the power to not only brighten up a room and make it blinding, but also the ability to increase the temperatures to unbearable levels as well. Solar window films reject or absorb solar energy reducing the amount of energy entering your space by up to 80 percent. That’s a huge difference in heat gain. Additionally solar window films can reduce the amount of excess light by varying degrees depending on the product. By reducing the excess light you’re also eliminating glare issues on your computer screen or TV screens. When you are searching for the perfect lighting just know we have you covered. If you’re looking for a black out tint, we have it. If you want natural light to still shine in but still remove the excess heat we can do that as well. We have so many options that we can account for practically any request. Solar really films can help you find the right balance for your space. So why do solar window films aid in promoting productivity?

Back to the topic of productivity, one of the greatest factors again contributing to overall comfort is temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold inside it can be very tough to focus on work or enjoy your favorite TV show on the couch. No one wants to sweat or shiver while inside. Indoors should be our shelter from the discomfort of the outdoor elements and temperamental climate. Solar window film helps to regulate that temperature. Glass is not insulted like the walls in your building. As a result the heat escapes in the winter months and the heat enters during hot summer months. It works as a doorway so to speak to temperature change. As we mentioned above they can reduce the solar energy by up to 80 percent helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home or office for everyone inside. In the summers you can sit by the windows without baking and in the winter the winters the rooms will continue to stay warm as the films work as an insulator on your glass.

Don’t waste anymore time. Call us at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting. Since productivity is key in the workplace and your home life, why not find out your options to improve your comfort and promote that productivity with solar window films. We are experts in the industry with over 30 years of professional experience. Call us today at 623-780-4950 and let us discuss your situation to find out which one of our products might be a great fit for you and your home or office.

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