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Learn how you can stay warm with window film. Winter has arrived and with that comes the bitter cold that we seem to struggle to escape. As we pack on the layers and layers of clothing to retain heat, the temperatures keep dropping. Now that we enter December we find a need to rely on our heater around the clock. We went from cranking our AC to stay cool only a few short weeks ago to desperately seeking warmth from our heating unit in our homes. The biggest challenge is balancing comfort with the cost of the energy bill. Unfortunately heating a home is incredibly expensive but staying comfortable this winter doesn’t have to cost you so much.

Solar window films are a polyester based film that is applied to areas of glass in your home such as windows, entry points or even glass doors which can help you stay warm. The film is generated with the ability to redirect and/or absorb solar energy to prevent heat gain in hot months, insulate your home in the winter months, and reduce temperature irregularities year round. The technology of residential window tinting has come so far. The make up of the products vary and offer a number of choices for homeowners looking to lower energy costs and improve overall comfort in their homes. Solar film is retro fit product which simply means it’s applied after the windows have already been installed in your home. The benefit of that is it helps keep costs down for you. Installing solar window film professionally ensures complete coverage and protection. Each window is measured and the film is cut custom for that piece of glass. The film is installed right on the glass with an adhesive to cover from corner to corner. The installation team then uses a caulking product to seal off any entry points for solar energy and exit points for warmth. Lock that heat inside where it belongs.

According to several studies, it is said that windows and doors are actually responsible for a huge portion of heat loss in your home. Up to 33 percent of the total heat loss in your home is caused by windows. How? Well, your windows and doorways don’t provide insulation like your walls do in your home. Your walls are typically built of wood framework with a filling such as foam or paper insulation to help promote a climate controlled environment. The glass windows however have seams and opportunities for that heat you’re paying for to sneak out of. Without any insulation on your glass you’re just battling the tide. As quickly as you’re warming the room the warm air is escaping. Solar window films allow you to provide insulation on your windows and prevent heat loss during the cold months of the year. Certain brands of solar window films can prevent heat loss by nearly 40 percent.

What that means to you is that applying window films to your windows will help add that additional layer of protection from the elements and help you stay warmer this winter. Applying solar film will increase your insulation on your windows, improve the comfort in your home by regulating the temperature inside, and help prevent warm air you pay for from escaping outside. Don’t forget the benefit of improved monthly costs on your energy bill. If you’re not having temperature inconsistencies then your heating unit won’t have to kick on all the time to attempt to bring that inside temperature back up. Reducing running time of your heating unit should also reduce the amount of energy consumed and lower your bill. The best part of installing solar window film is that the benefits of solar film essentially take effect immediately. So why wait? Contact us today 623-780-4950 at AZ Glass Tinting for your free quote and to get more information on why solar window films are a great investment this winter.

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