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Christmas will come and go quickly then it’s time to welcome the new year before we know it. With 2020 coming up fast, we will start to do some soul searching to create our New Years resolutions. A resolution is simply a goal or hope for the future. Along with identifying some resolutions, we have to begin planning how to make those goals a reality. No one wants a resolution that just sizzles out and dies before it’s accomplished. So let your New Years resolution be to invest in yourself, improve your morale and save more money. How can you make this happen you ask? Easy, with installing solar window films.

When we think about resolutions we don’t often think of purchasing something new for our home, but even though solar window films go on your windows they ultimately benefit the homeowner in many ways. Solar window films are an easy solution for those looking to invest in themselves and their homes this upcoming year. Window films are after market improvements applied directly to your glass. They can instantly add value to your home through updating the look and function of your windows. Let’s start to break down some of the benefits and find out how those benefits can help you accomplish your New Years resolutions.

Our homes are made of wood, insulation, drywall and stucco. Almost every inch of your home has insulation in place to help promote a climate controlled and comfortable space for you and your family. Windows however are placed throughout our home leaving spaces completely void of insulation and protection from the elements. Where there’s glass, there’s a void that allows for heat gain from the sun in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Additionally windows create areas of vulnerability where glass breakage could occur, prying eyes can see in and access points for forced entry into your home. Windows may let us see out but they can let others into our homes without our permission. Don’t sweat it, I know it’s scary to think about all the problems windows can create for us. Most of them are things we would have never thought of when we chose the home with so many windows because it felt so open and welcoming. Installing window films can eliminate almost all the risks described. Here’s how:

Installing solar window film provides immediate relief from the solar energy produced by the sun. Solar energy includes visible and invisible lights which simply means light we can see and light we cannot. The visible light may be blindingly bright and cause areas of our home to be unbearable in the summer months as temperatures rise. The invisible light can cause damage to our skin, furniture and other personal belongings. Solar window film can help block out up to 86 percent of solar energy produced from the sun greatly reducing heat gain in your home. You can also choose the shade coefficient of the film to help produce that perfect level of light in your home by limiting the amount of excess sunlight inside. Solar film can also eliminate nearly all invisible light in the form of UV rays by up to 99 percent. In the cooler months such as December through the end of February the film can help you lock in that warm air your heating unit is working hard to produce for you.

Additional benefits of solar window film include cost savings, increased privacy, and improved security in your home. Window film as mentioned above help keep your home cool in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. It acts as an insulation element on the glass which can help you save money. Helping to regulate temperature allows your heating and cooling unit to not work so hard reducing your total energy consumption, is and saving consumers money year round. Window film also provides window tinting to your glass which doesn’t impact your ability to see outside but does make it harder for those on the outside to see in. Who doesn’t love a little bit of privacy after all? Finally, window film adheres directly to the glass window panes which means that if any glass breakage were to occur the shards would be held together reducing the risk of injury. For burglars and thieves looking to get inside and get their hand on those new toys you got for Christmas, window film will help you put a barrier between them and you. It makes forced entry hard as the glass won’t be able to break easy. It would take a lot of effort to get inside which is a deterrent as crooks would like an easy payday.

Reflecting back on our New Years resolutions we wanted to invest in ourselves, save money and improve our morale and mindset this upcoming year. These are some of the most common resolutions people make annually. What we have identified in this blog is the benefits of solar film so let’s come full circle to find out how those benefits can help us reach our goals. Lets break it down now, solar window films can help us be more comfortable in our homes which helps boost our mood and morale throughout the year. Better environment creates a better mindset which is such a positive thing for you. Window films also help save money by regulating temperature and improving the function of our windows. More money in your pocket this next year, check! Finally window films can increase privacy and improve security which gives you peace of mind. Looks like 2020 will be a better year for you already. Call today at 623-780-4950 for a free quote and to find out how easy it really is to help you succeed in those resolutions we set.

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