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Professionally installed solar window film looks better and lasts longer compared to ones that are adhered to the window by the homeowner. You may be tempted to save money by buying window film from a home improvement store and applying it yourself, but be aware that these window films have much shorter lifespans and are also more likely to bubble and peel. When you shop with AZ Glass Tinting, you have access to high-quality window films for the home or business, and all of them are installed by our professional team of installers.

Here are a few reasons why professional installation is best.

  • Better Appearance. Window films are applied to the inside of the glass rather than the outside. The films are transparent, so you’ll barely know they’re there. In fact, some employees don’t even realize that their building has commercial window film applied to them, even though they sit next to the window each day!
  • No Blemishes. Professionally installed films won’t scratch, bubble or peel. Other films can. The key is having the films installed by a specialized team of installers that uses the right methods and techniques. Our installers use a special adhesive that has never given us a failure of any kind.
  • Longer Lifespan. When films are correctly installed, they have a longer lifespan. Today’s films can even be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners so you can enjoy a more comfortable home with sparkling clean windows. If you want more from your investment, it pays to have the films installed correctly.
  • Less Headache. Rather than fussing with film installation and getting it to look just right, you can hire a professional team to do the job for you. The installers will clean the windows, apply the film and make sure that everything is fitted properly. You don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • Warranty. The warranty offered on quality films generally covers the cost of removal, replacement and reinstallation. You don’t get the same warranty when you apply the film on your own. AZ Glass Tinting offers the most complete warranty that covers basically anything: peeling, bubbling, crazing, demetalizing, glass breakage from heat cracks and seal failure.
  • Experience. You probably don’t have much experience installing window film, do you? Our company uses installers that have many years of experience installing all types of flat-glass films. In fact, we’ve probably done residential or commercial work close to your home or business.

There are clear benefits to having window film installed by a team of professionals. Shop with AZ Glass Tinting for the finest selection of window films for your home or business.

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