Try THIS before you spend thousands to replace those old windows!

We get it–home maintenance costs can SOAR, especially when it comes to older homes. It seems like you just can’t keep up or decide how to make your dollar stretch with every improvement. Thinking about purchasing new windows for your home? STOP! We have the perfect solution for you, and you just might be surprised. […]

Safety/Security Film: Is Your Information Going Right Out Your Windows?

Cyber security is such a hot-button issue right now that I’m fairly sure most people are aware of what it is, and that it is predicted to be the terrorism of the future. It seems like the nightly news brings a story about another network being hacked and private information being stolen on a daily […]

Decorative Window Film: a Whole New Look For Your Home

Hi! It’s Debbie with AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting. Today I’m writing about the one element of our business that I’m absolutely obsessed with –  decorative window film. I’m one of those people who like to change things up in their living environment fairly often. I buy duvet covers instead of comforters; you can get a […]

Would Exterior Window Film Be Best For YOUR Windows?

Triangle window tinting

Exterior window film (also called Outside-Weatherable (OSW) film) is just what it sounds like…a solar window film that is applied to the outside of your windows, rather than the inside. While exterior window film can be applied to all types of windows, there are certain situations where it is definitely the better choice. It is the solution for windows that […]

Our Window Film Install in a Famous Beverly Hills High Rise

Hello! My name is Debbie and I’m the Office Manager, Internet Marketer here at AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting. We’ve been in business since 1989, so over the years we have had some wonderful experiences with clients. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a very interesting gentleman, and […]

Top 5 FAQ’s About Window Film

Questions About Window Tinting

Before investing in solar film, homeowners typically have a series of questions that they want answered regarding the comfort, privacy and security of the film. Window tinting isn’t right for every circumstance, but it’s proving to be the most effective, reasonably priced and least invasive option for many. That’s because solar film has a simple […]

Not All Window Film Installers Are Created Equal

Doug Installing Film

If you’re considering having window film installed, it’s important that you choose a team of experienced installers, otherwise you could end up disappointed with the finished product. Inexperienced installers do not have the training and experience in window film installation as seasoned experts do. But how do you know if the person installing your solar […]

Affordable Improvements for Your Commercial Property

Residential Property

Your commercial property is an investment, so when it’s time to brighten it up, it’s important to choose your updates carefully. Thankfully, there are many inexpensive things you can do to boost the appearance of your commercial property without spending a lot of money. Plus, the small investment you do make will be quickly offset […]

Window Film: Safe For Double Pane Windows

When your windows are left untreated, there are many issues to deal with such as heat, glare and fading. You’ve probably looked into solutions for managing these issues such as blinds, drapes and awnings. While these window treatments can help manage heat gain, glare and sun damage, they can also be costly and tedious. Plus, […]