Protecting Artificial Turf from Sun Damage: A Closer Look at SOLYX-SX1975 Reflect Protect Window FilmProtecting Artificial Turf from Sun Damage: 

In recent years, artificial turf has become increasingly popular for its low maintenance and evergreen appeal. However, one of the significant challenges facing artificial turf owners is protecting it from sun damage. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause discoloration and even melting of the synthetic fibers, leading to costly repairs or replacements. To address […]

Maintenance 101: Clean and Care for Newly Treated Windows


Imagine you’ve just installed solar film on the windows in your home or business and are delighted by the results. You’re enjoying a more comfortable, glare free environment. Then it hits you. You’ve made a smart but sizable investment in your home or office and now you must clean and care for your tinted windows […]

Solar Film Provide Much Needed Relief When Temperatures Rise

solar film

As temperatures continue to rise in Arizona, many homeowners are looking for some relief. Are you considering adding solar film to your home to make it more comfortable during the summer months? Interested in reducing energy costs? Or are you simply curious about the basics and benefits of window film? Everyday we receive calls from […]

The Decorative Aspects of Phoenix Residential Window Tint

Phoenix Residential Window Tint

Are you looking to transform the visual aesthetics of your home? There are many functional benefits of installing Phoenix residential window tinting to your property, from boosting security to helping you to reduce your energy bills. However, window film is not just a practical solution; it can also provide a wide array of decorative aspects. […]

Protect Yourself and Your Company’s Privacy While Working from Home.

working from home

The world is changing and more and more people are working remotely, some temporarily, but for many this change will be long term or permanent. It is not just your nosey neighbors you need to protect yourself from when it comes to working from home. The new remote working phase is opening up a can […]

How Residential Window Film Can Help You Beat the Arizona Heat

residential window film

With the days getting longer and the weather beginning to warm up, homeowners across Arizona are now looking for ways to keep their property cool during the summer months. Everyone loves the sunshine, but as those rays beam through your windows, it can cause temperatures to rise significantly. That is why many homeowners are opting […]

Curb Energy Bills as the Weather Heats Up

curb energy

With summer on its way, you need to find new avenues to reduce your household energy bills. Did you know that the household energy bill in Arizona can average between $300 and $600 a month? It is no wonder that everyone is starting to look for innovative and cost-effective ways to save money. Curb Energy […]

Why You Should Hire A Phoenix Licensed Contractor for Residential Window Film

phoenix licensed contractor

When it comes to installing residential window film in your home, working with a professional Phoenix licensed contractor is essential to ensure you can maximize the benefits. While many DIY enthusiasts believe they could take on the task themselves, with it seemingly seeing a simple job, installing residential window film is a complex procedure. Many […]

Home Enhancements To Set the Mood this Valentine’s Day

Home Enhancements

If you plan a romantic evening at home like most people this Valentine’s Day, you can make some significant home enhancements to set the mood. Ensure you have maximum privacy and a beautiful environment in which to celebrate your special evening.  With the threat of Covid-19 and restaurant restrictions this year, you can make it […]

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