5 Reasons to Add Solar Film to Skylights

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Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. They bring in natural sunlight that feels like the sun is shining down on you rather than at you. Skylights have practical purposes as well. They reduce energy consumption, lower heating bills and provide ventilation. Skylights are aesthetically pleasing as well, giving homes a distinct advantage.

Unfortunately, skylights do have some downsides to them, such as the fact that they let in a lot of light that can lead to glare, fading and UV damage. That’s why you should strongly consider having solar film installed if you have skylights in your home. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Reduced Glare: Sunlight hits the home at various angles and intensities throughout the day, and some of these angles will create a glare that can make it difficult to see comfortably. Window tinting is like putting on a pair of sunglasses. You can do housework, watch TV or even catch an afternoon nap without any glare getting in the way.
  2. Protection for Your Belongings: When the sun shines into your home, the UV rays can fade your belongings. Some of the most common items that are prone to fading are artwork, hardwood flooring, furniture, window coverings and wood cabinets. By applying window film to the skylights, you can protect your belongings from fading.
  3. Lowered Risk of Skin Damage: Window film protects the health of you and your family. Not all UV rays are blocked by glass, which means your family is exposed to these harmful rays even when they’re indoors. The best way to protect everyone is by installing window film that blocks 99% of UV rays and leaves you with ultimate peace of mind.
  4. More Comfortable Home: Is your home too hot in the summer? Too cold in the winter? Can you never seem to get the temperature right? Window tinting can help, especially when you have large windows like skylights. This is because window film prevents solar heat from entering the home, eliminates hot spots around windows and maintains temperatures. Not only is your home more comfortable, but also you can lower your energy bill!
  5. Enhanced Security: Many people don’t realize that window tinting comes with a hidden benefit: enhanced security. Today’s modern films reinforce windows, and this is especially important for skylights that are vulnerable to hail, wind and heavy rains. With solar film, you can rest assured that your skylights are protected even during the heaviest storms.

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