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Commercial businesses make the perfect customer for solar window film. Whether you run a call center in a high rise downtown or a warehouse in an industrial stretch of the city, commercial window film can benefit any business. Solar control window films are one of the most cost conscious solutions to cut down on energy costs and improve comfort in the workplace. What company wouldn’t want to save on operating costs and increase their bottom line? 

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: When you own a business the cost to keep the building operating every day is one of your greatest expenses next to the cost of personnel. Like the insulation installed in your walls of the building during construction, solar window films are designed to insulate your building by coating the glass. Windows and other areas of glass are essentially voids in your building where that cool air you’re paying for in the summer and warmth you need in the winter can escape. The window films made from a polyester blend stretch from corner to corner of your glass providing much needed insulation. By coating your windows with solar films, you are trapping that cool or warm air you desire inside. Without window films your money is going right out the window quite literally. 

When it’s summer time, the AC is normally running all day long which can be incredibly expensive. In the winter time the heat is on attempting to keep us warm and comfortable: Companies that do not have window film installed are paying more for the same level of comfort than companies who have their windows insulated with solar window film. Attempting to cool or heat a building without window films is like running the faucet to fill up the sink with the drain unplugged. It’s completely counterproductive because that cool or warm air you’re paying for is going right out the window. Why pay more for the same level of comfort as your neighbor? Installing solar window film will help lock in that air and control the climate in your office. By maintaining a more consistent temperature, your heating and cooling unit won’t have to kick on all the time and you won’t use as much energy each month thus saving a lot of money. It will help save energy, save money and keep your office operating more efficiently. 

Reduce Heat Gain and Maintain Comfort: Energy from the sun manifests in many forms such as light, heat and dangerous UV rays. Heat gain occurs when energy from the sun enters through voids such as windows or glass walls and concentrates its energy in your office. Think about holding a magnifying glass in the sun, the light coming off the other side of that magnifying glass can get really really hot. The same concept applies to the glass in your office. The glass redirects that solar energy into your building causes temperatures to rise. Heat gain can cause your office to be incredibly hot and uncomfortable which doesn’t make for a successful working environment. Solar window films help reduce the amount of solar energy entering your office but up to 80 percent. That’s a huge difference from untreated glass. 

Comfort is truly everything when it comes to operating a business. Studies show that productivity decreases when people are uncomfortable and increases when people are comfortable. So by reducing that heat gain and maintaining a comfortable temperature in the office, you are able to increase overall productivity. The more productivity, the more profit for you. That’s a win-win all the way around. Additionally happy employees are also retained employees. By creating a comfortable and conducive work environment you will be more likely to retain your employees and attract higher quality workers. 

Safety and Privacy: Solar window films also provide additional benefits for business such as increased safety and privacy. Most commercial buildings have a ton of glass windows and where there is glass there is risk for breakage. Imagine during the monsoon season that a large gust of wind carries a tree branch into the glass at your office. Chances are it would shatter into a million small pieces posing a safety concern and creating risk of injury. Solar window films are adhered directly to the glass providing a layer of protection from the elements. Its a great way to reinforce the glass. In the event of breakage, the window film would help hold the glass together helping to protect your personnel from potential danger and injury. 

Window films are also designed to offer privacy from prying eyes on the outside of your building. Passerby’s during daylight wouldn’t be able to easily see inside your windows. This increases privacy of proprietary information likely on the computer screens and helps your employees feel more comfortable knowing their every move isn’t being watched by an audience. Solar film is tinted and may be created to make seeing inside more difficult but it doesn’t impede the view out. From the inside looking out the film is often virtually undetectable by the human eye. Visibility is wonderful and installing window film will not disrupt that gorgeous view you probably love from your building. It’s a wonderful way to protect your office and give peace of mind for all who work there. 

Solar window films have countless benefits, honestly too many to list. Some other benefits for commercial businesses include protection from UV rays, glare control, and even reducing temperature imbalances throughout your building. Investing in solar window film is one of the best investments a company can make not only for the benefits but also because it is relatively low cost and the return on investment happens pretty quickly. Most companies see a return on their investment in about 3 years on average. Compare that to other investments that may take 7-10 years to pay for itself. With so many positives for your business, why wait to call us? Call today at 623-780-4950 to find out what options would be best for your business and to get a hassle free quote. Our experts are standing by and ready to provide you information to help you make an educated decision. After all with 30 plus years in the industry, our knowledge and experience can’t be beat. 

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