Safety/Security Film: Is Your Information Going Right Out Your Windows?

Cyber security is such a hot-button issue right now that I’m fairly sure most people are aware of what it is, and that it is predicted to be the terrorism of the future. It seems like the nightly news brings a story about another network being hacked and private information being stolen on a daily basis. This has recently happened … Read More

Commercial Uses for Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film has been used in commercial buildings for many years, they were kind of the “early adopters” of this whole trend. What has changed recently is HOW they’re using window film. Most office spaces have some kind of issue with lighting. It would be ideal if there were natural light throughout every office suite, but that very seldom … Read More

Decorative Window Film: a Whole New Look For Your Home

Hi! It’s Debbie with AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting. Today I’m writing about the one element of our business that I’m absolutely obsessed with –  decorative window film. I’m one of those people who like to change things up in their living environment fairly often. I buy duvet covers instead of comforters; you can get a few duvet covers for the … Read More

Don’t You Want A Window Film Company Who Will Think Outside The Box?

My name is Debbie Keough, and I work at AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting – so I think a lot about residential and commercial window tinting. Because of where I work, I think I’ve become much more interested in the weather forecasts. My job is very much impacted by how hot or cool it is outside. And watching the weather … Read More

Would Exterior Window Film Be Best For YOUR Windows?

Exterior window film (also called Outside-Weatherable (OSW) film) is just what it sounds like…a solar window film that is applied to the outside of your windows, rather than the inside. While exterior window film can be applied to all types of windows, there are certain situations where it is definitely the better choice. It is the solution for windows that already have security film or … Read More

Not All Window Film Installers Are Created Equal

Doug Installing Film

If you’re considering having window film installed, it’s important that you choose a team of experienced installers, otherwise you could end up disappointed with the finished product. Inexperienced installers do not have the training and experience in window film installation as seasoned experts do. But how do you know if the person installing your solar film is cut out for … Read More

Will There be a 2015 Tax Credit for Window Film?

If you’re interested in making improvements to the home that you didn’t get around to in the spring or summer, fall is the perfect time to complete them. In particular, any upgrades that make the home more energy efficient are worth looking into because there may be government incentives available. The energy tax credit was extended for 2014 and may … Read More

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Did you know that your home’s HVAC system drains more energy than any other system in the home? In fact, your home’s heating and cooling system accounts for approximately 44% of the utility bill. It’s a good thing that these systems are more efficient than they were years ago, but they still use a good chunk of your energy dollars. … Read More

What is NFRC-Rated Window Film?

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rates the energy performance of windows, doors and skylights. What you may not know is that they also independently certify the performance of window film. Because the ratings are independent, you can trust NFRC-rated window film products. Other ratings come from the manufacturers, and as you can imagine, they may be biased. The NFRC … Read More