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Solar window film is not necessarily something businesses consider when discussing goals for the new year or their bottom line, but it certainly should be. Window films have been around for decades and when you go downtown you may notice reflective window film on all of the high rise buildings. Why does every sky scraper you see seem to have window tint? The reality is when you have a building full of windows, window film is an absolute must. Most commercial buildings whether in the heart of downtown or further out are covered with windows. Windows although beautiful can create a lot of issues for a business owner that most may not think of. In this blog we are going to discuss the reasons why solar window film is something that should be installed in commercial buildings if not there already. Here’s some reasons why solar window film is an essential asset for commercial properties…

Privacy & Security
As we mentioned above, commercial properties have a ton of windows. They are designed this way to make employees feel as though they aren’t trapped and to give the building a welcoming open concept feel. With that said, windows can create privacy and security issues. When you’re running a business chances are you have a plethora of customers personal information such as names, addresses and maybe even social security numbers stored on computers, servers and perhaps even in paper files inside. Customer privacy is crucial as your clients expect complete protection of their personally identifiable information they provide. When your building has a lot of windows that can provide plenty of opportunity for unwanted eyes to see in and potentially get a look at some of that pertinent information you don’t want to give them access to. Applying window films helps protect that information and increase privacy as it makes it difficult for those outside to see in. Additionally window film can help prevent physical access into your building as the film makes breaking through the glass incredibly difficult. The film is intended to slow down forced entry and stop the glass from shattering into a million little airborne pieces. Commercial businesses can greatly benefit from the added privacy and security with window films.

Glare & Fade Protection
I think we have all experienced glare problems at work. You’re trying to type on your laptop but the sun is reflecting onto your screen make it impossible to see what you’re typing or you are trying to read an email on your phone and can’t see what it says. Luckily there is a solution. Another benefit for commercial businesses is that solar window film can practically eliminate glare on computer screens, tv screens and other monitors. Solar window film helps to redirect or block out the reflective light and prevent glare. No matter what time of day you and your employees will be able to see their scenes and work without any disruption from the sun. On top of glare protection, window films also help to protect your companies property and assets. The sun is known to cause damage to many things from skin to fabrics and even wood. Solar window film blocks out the type of light that causes damage to fabrics, furniture, artwork and more. By installing window film you won’t have to worry about the expensive couches sitting in your lobby fading or that new carpet you just put in getting sun bleached. Window films offer the ultimate protection for your employees and the property you own inside.

Save Money & Increase Bottom Line
No matter what type of business you own or operate, saving money and making a profit is everything. Businesses cannot stay afloat if you’re not making more money than you’re spending. Increasing your bottom line is a big big deal. So how do solar window films possibly help you achieve this? Well for starters part of your operating expenses is the energy costs month to month. The bigger the building typically the larger the energy bill. Installing solar window films help to reduce the solar energy that enters the building by up to 88 percent which means your office isn’t battling heat gain and ultimately staying cooler throughout the day. Since our energy bill is based upon usage, having your office temperature stay more controlled will help to reduce the amount of energy your heating and cooling unit is using since it’s not going to need to run as often or as hard. If you can save money on your operating expenses every month, you can also increase your bottom line. The return on investment for solar film is relatively quick as well. Most companies see an average return on their investment within 2 years of installation. Considering how long window films last which is typically around 10 to 15 years, the investment in them is a smart one. Pretty soon after they are paid off, they will in a sense be paying you. The savings at that point becomes profit.

Improve Productivity & Efficiency
We have addressed how window film can help increase privacy and security for your organization. When customers know you’re protecting their information, they can have peace of mind. A happy customer is a retained customer and customer retention is crucial for business success. We have also discussed how solar window films reduce glare and protect your assets. Reducing glare can help your employees work without disruption. Other benefits we identified of solar film include reducing heat gain and maintaining a comfortable temperature in the building. Studies show that climate and environment play a huge role in employee productivity. When people are too cold or too hot they have trouble focusing on the task at hand and aren’t as productive as they should be. If people are comfortable, they are less likely to find reasons to not work and more likely to produce. Less distractions means more fluidity in work performance and in essence the potential for more profit. Finally, solar window films can help your company save money by reducing energy costs. Saving money and increasing productivity will help your business operate efficiently.

When we think about a successful business, we imagine a company with a good profit margin and high productivity. So many factors influence business success some of which are things that you can control such as business expenses, environment, and atmosphere. As we have shown above, solar window films are an asset that commercial businesses need to make the investment in. They can help save money, create an environment employees are happy with and protect all you have worked to build. Although our products cannot directly make your company successful, they can create the environment and atmosphere for your business to operate more efficiently. Why wait? It’s a new year and a new opportunity for you to make the right investment in your business. Call us today for a free quote at 623-780-4950. Find out more ways solar window film can help improve and protect your business today.

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