To Tint or Not to Tint, That is the Question

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Working from Home with Solar Window Tint

Residential window tinting is becoming more and more popular in our extreme environments. With more and more people working from home, home improvement projects are starting to become an everyday occurrence, as we try to make the work and living space as comfortable as possible.

Household expenses can also start to increase with us spending more time at home in an attempt to save money. Some easy fixes can be done to your home, to help you save money in the long run and increase the value of your property. We outline the top 5 reasons here:

Temperature Regulator

We are always struggling with the heat in summer and the cold in winter, so our air conditioning units and thermostats end up working overtime. A simple solution of installing solar window tint to your external windows can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat. This can radically reduce your need and use of air conditioner units being run all day in your home, thereby reducing your energy bill overall.

Be Eco Friendly

It is becoming more common for consumers to install residential solar windows to their homes, to reduce their impact on the power grid. These can either be installed directly or retrofitted with a solar film, that harnesses the sun’s energy for storage and uses in the household. By using your own generated power, you can reduce your impact on the power grid and reduce your carbon footprint.

Increased Privacy and Security

There is a wide variety of shades and tints that you can install to create additional privacy for you in your home. Nosy neighbors will be a thing of that past, so you can be free to roam your home without worrying if they are looking into your lounge.

This will also increase your security, as would-be burglars, will not have sight of your household items, just by looking into your windows.

Take care of your household furniture

You only see the damage that the sun does to your curtains, lounge suites, or carpets when you move something and see what the non-faded colors would look like.

The sun is very harsh on our furniture. Installing residential window tinting can reduce the UV rays penetrating your home by up to 99%.

Reduce the glare from the elements

Whether it be the sun or snow, being able to block the glare coming from outside will make your home a more comfortable place. Some apartment buildings may have high rise neighbors, which emit their glare, right into your home. Installing a residential window tint will deflect this glare, so you can relax in peace.

So whether you are looking to reduce your impact on the planet, save some money on your household energy bills, or are just looking for that added privacy and security, installing residential window tints, solar window tints, or even the residential solar window options, are a good idea.

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