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Residential window tint is fast becoming the option of choice amongst homeowners in areas like Arizona, where the sun’s strength is no match for curtains as a coverage attempt. By adding window tint to your home, you add decorative and visual benefits, that include protecting your furniture and carpets from sun damage. The aesthetic appeal of the new options and designs available to you turns your troubling windows into your home’s features.

Everyone is looking to maximize energy efficiencies in their homes. Reducing running costs in the house has become essential in this financially strapped environment. Homeowners often load up their consideration list with options of curtains, blinds, or shutters to try to manage the sun exposure or glare in their homes. There is, however, a far more efficient option available.

Managing energy efficiency through residential window tint in your home works in your favor by:

Conserving Energy

Saving on your energy bill is the best way to reduce your overall running costs. Regular glass windows do not filter the sun’s heat, which raises the indoor temperature to unbearable highs. Using window tinting, you can block the sun’s rays and heat from penetrating the inside of your home, regulating the environment better, and reducing the need for high use air-conditioning.

Temperature Regulation

There is always a room in the house that gets more sun than others. By regulating the temperature with window tinting, your whole home can stay at a consistent temperature. Especially in mid-summer, you can use all your rooms in the house and not avoid the scorching places.

Added UV protection

Protecting yourself and your furniture from the damaging UV rays of the sun is critical. Not only should you be aware of the detrimental effects of the sun on your skin, but also the wear and tear of your furniture and carpets.

We are seeing an increase in dangerous skin cancers from residents of scorching areas. UV damage can happen even while indoors, just from the hazardous UV rays penetrating your windows.

Increase the lifespan of your couches, carpets, and curtains with the UV protection properties of the residential window tint products.

Increase the value of your home

Adding residential window tinting to your existing windows can give your home an instant facelift and increase your property’s value. If you are looking to sell or rent your home, a simple addition of window tinting can sway a potential buyer or renter to select you over another offer, just based on the aesthetically pleasing nature of the window tints.

If you want to see how adding residential window tinting to your home can help you manage your energy more efficiently, please get in touch and, we can arrange a consultation.

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