Residential Window Film in New Home Builds

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residential window film in new home builds

For many homeowners and property builders, installing a residential window tint is often considered a luxury addition rather than an essential part of new home builds. However, in reality, there are many reasons why making residential window film upgrades when building a new home should become standard practice.

The use of residential window film is on the rise, and many new buyers are now expecting some form of it within new home builds. This means that if home builders and contractors want to attract customers and maximize their offering and profits, then they need to make sure they are incorporating home window tint upgrades within their new home builds.

What Types of Residential Window Film are Available?

Home window tinting can provide a number of benefits and installing the right residential window tint in new home builds can transform how homeowners enjoy their property. There are many different types of tint available, but some of the most common include:

Heat Control

This type of film is particularly popular for homeowners. Designed for rooms that face significant amounts of sunlight during the day, this type of residential window tint helps to prevent solar heat from increasing the temperature of a room. During the summer months, this is a leading cause of spikes in energy bills, so heat control film can save money during this period.

Heat control tint upgrades do not prevent sunlight from passing through the glass, ensuring each room remains brightly lit. Of course, it is not just about preventing sunlight from heating a room, and there are various types of heat control tint, including completely transparent options that can help keep the heat in the home during the winter.

Glare Control

Glare control residential window tint is a great addition for new home builds. In an increasingly electronic world, glare from sunlight can be incredibly frustrating and prevents residents from seeing their TV, phones, or computer screens.

This type of tint utilizes anti-reflection coating to ensure that sunlight does not disrupt residents, no matter if they are relaxing in the lounge or working in their home office.

Privacy Film

Although privacy film can be used in almost any room, they are most frequently used in bathrooms. A very popular form of home window tint, privacy film comes in a wide range of styles, including frosted, mirror, and dark tint.

These various options prevent anyone from the outside being able to see through the window without stopping sunlight from entering, ensuring that each room remains brightly lit.

Security Film

Although not as common, an increasing number of constructors and builders are opting to install security film in their new home builds. This film is designed to not only deter any potential criminals from targeting the property but also protect the window from damage during a storm.

The transparent film is not as effective at preventing the damaging UV rays of the sun, but it does stop the glass from shattering or cracking.

Residential Window Film Should Become Standard

If you want to ensure that your construction stands out from the crowd, making residential window film upgrades a standard feature in any new home builds will help you attract even more customers. Here at AZ Glass Tinting, we have been working with contractors and home builders for over 35 years, allowing them to find the most effective solutions possible for each project.

Our highly experienced team offers the highest quality window tinting options possible for both residential and commercial properties. So if you are looking to install window tinting on your next build, get in touch today!

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