Protect Yourself and Your Company’s Privacy While Working from Home.

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working from home

The world is changing and more and more people are working remotely, some temporarily, but for many this change will be long term or permanent. It is not just your nosey neighbors you need to protect yourself from when it comes to working from home. The new remote working phase is opening up a can of worms regarding personal privacy and your companies sensitive documents. AZ Glass Tinting has you covered! Let us show you how residential window film can protect your privacy.

Working from home

With most of us now very comfortable in sweats and a corporate top in zoom meetings, we need to address a myriad of other privacy concerns while working from home.

We were happy to trundle into our home office or living room in our pajamas during the lockdown until the neighbor knocked on the door, and we looked like we just got out of bed. Now, we are getting into the swing of separating home life from work life, even though we work from home. Being comfortable in our sweats is not necessarily for the whole neighborhood to see. Adding in security film for residential homes is a great option to secure your reputation again.

Company property

Companies now find that they have limited control over their private information, with all their staff working remotely. As a result, not only is it spread out across all the various laptops in personal homes, but these devices are now at additional risk of being lost or stolen. While you may not have considered the effect of your company laptop or phone being stolen from your home, for some, the data and information on the devices are far more valuable to a competitor.

Maintaining the security of data stored on company devices is of paramount importance to their IT departments. When potential thieves cannot see into your home, they are less inclined to break in and take a chance on getting caught for nothing. Adding security film for residential homes to your new workspace can keep the thieves canvassing eyes out of your home office.

Secure your home

As a company, ensuring the assets are kept out of sight and in a secure location at all times is critical, especially when so many employees are now working from home. Unfortunately, they cannot secure every person’s home with the latest security devices, but some solutions are cost-effective and can reduce the chance of a breach.

Security film for residential homes is a significant first step in securing your large windows and gives you a sense of privacy for those days when you are dashing through the house to make that urgent call, still in your pajamas.

Working from home while the garden service is working outside your window can also be a distraction. Adding security film to your outfacing windows can offer the peace of mind that you and what you are working on are out of the passersby’s eye.

Security film for residential homes offers a secondary feature. For example, if someone tries to break the window, the film protects you from the glass and makes it harder for anyone to breach your premises.

Another great feature is selecting your favorite film from a wide range of patterns, colors – even a reflective film so that you can have your privacy as people cannot see in, but you can still have full vision out of the windows. 

Nosey neighbors don’t have anything on the security film for residential homes. So you can keep them out of you and your companies business and feel secure waltzing around your home in your sweats for those key zoom meetings.

For a quote or consultation, contact us today to see what we can do to secure your home this summer.

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