Does Your Storefront Need Anti-Graffiti Film?

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Anti-Graffiti film is a modest investment that protects your business from costly clean up and repairs

A few etched initials or spray painted tags can quickly make your storefront or other areas of your business unwelcoming to potential customers or clients. Vandalism can make customers feel uneasy or uncomfortable in an otherwise pleasant environment. Vandalism can also result in a costly cycle of clean up or glass replacement. Upon cleanup or repair, vandals are presented with a clean slate inviting future damage. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs on average $3,370.

The Anti-Graffiti™ Series by SunTek® is an ideal solution for areas and applications where vandalism and graffiti are prevalent. AZ Glass Tinting is a proud Anti-Graffiti™ Series by SunTek® distributor.

What is Anti-Graffiti film?        

Anti-graffiti film is an invisible layer of protection that’s scratch-resistant. Once installed, this clear and virtually undetectable film protects glass from tagging and etching. If vandalism does occur, this specially formulated film is designed for quick and residue-free removal which not only eliminates the graffiti but also the need for expensive glass replacement.

Recommended applications include public transport vehicles and stations, mirrors, elevators, restrooms, drive thru windows, display cases, vending machines and more.

How do I clean and care for Anti-Graffiti film?

Anti-Graffiti film can be cleaned with non abrasive materials such as a micro-fiber cloth and ammonia free liquid solutions. It can take up to 60 days for window film to fully dry, so be sure to wait that amount of time before trying to clean your windows to avoid damaging newly installed film.

Is Anti-Graffiti film the same as Security film?

No, Anti-Graffiti is a thin, peelable layer of protection. It protects glass against paint, etching, marker, etc. but does not protect against breakage. Security film is a layer of protection that varies in thickness. When installed with an attachment system that bonds the security film to the window frame, security films help protect against damage from storm debris, blast events, and forced entry. In areas that are vulnerable to both vandalism and break ins, it may be advisable to apply a combination of films. An experienced technician can help you decide which film will provide the greatest benefit to your business. Contact us for a free estimate.

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