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Exterior window film (also called Outside-Weatherable (OSW) film) is just what it sounds like…a solar window film that is applied to the outside of your windows, rather than the inside. While exterior window film can be applied to all types of windows, there are certain situations where it is definitely the better choice.

It is the solution for windows that already have security film or mesh installed on the inside pane. In secure buildings, i.e. government agencies, it solves the issue of access. Dual pane windows are much less likely to be damaged when the film is applied to the exterior pane as opposed to the interior one, because the outer pane is constructed to withstand more heat than the interior.

AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting recently installed Exterior Window Film at a beautiful home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. In this case the homeowner chose the OSW film because this was an older home, and it was built using standard glass throughout.  Concerned with the safety of her family and guests, the homeowner chose to use the Exterior Window Film on the windows and french doors of her home. By applying this film, they insure that if someone should accidentally walk into the glass, the glass pieces will stay attached to the film. This will prevent any injury or property damage as a result of sharp pieces of glass flying everywhere. This type of film is also effective at containing the glass pieces should there be a window breakage for any other reason. As you can see from the included photos, the end result is a beautiful, clear, safe, view through their glass wall.

Exterior films are also much more efficient at rejecting solar heat and energy than traditional window film. When the radiation from the sun strikes the window, some of that radiation is absorbed into the film, which causes the glass temperature to rise. The energy resulting from this absorption is then released either inside the room or outdoors. Exterior films, because they are installed on the outside of the glass, release more of the absorbed energy into the outside air. This serves to keep the interior of your home cooler, and puts less stress on the glass.

AZ Solar Control Glass Tinting has been providing quality, personalized sales and installation of all types of window films since 1989. Our Owner, Tom Vanderhoof, still performs every estimate himself. And rest assured that when it comes time to install your window film, we’ll make sure that we get it right the first time. Our installers have a total of 36 years’ experience in this field, and they are our employees……we never subcontract our installations.

So whether you’re considering window tint for your home or office, exterior window film, solar window tint, decorative film, or security film, call us today at (623) 780-4950 to schedule your free in-home or in-office consultation.



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