Yes!!! You can have it all. Safety, Security, Energy, Fade and Glare Control all in one film

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I went on a sales call last week in Arcadia. Beautiful home, beautiful area. No one is immune.

There was a break-in at the house next door. My client needed and wanted me to secure her windows.

I recommended a 6 Mil CLEAR Safety/ Security Film by Suntek.  We have used Suntek for many years and believe in their products. I also recommend an attachment system which bonds the film with the frame and makes it much more difficult to penetrate the glass.

She was ready to install…

I asked if she was worried about the fading of her rugs and artwork, and she said she was. I then talked to her about saving energy, and getting rid of the glare from the sun through her windows.

So, let me introduce the Suntek Safety/Security 6MSY25 DUAL REFLECTIVE.

Not only can we protect your home from the bad guys, but we can save you energy, control fading and soften glare, all at the same time. OMG… ALL THE GOOD STUFF IN ONE WINDOW FILM.


“How soon can you install?” she asked…

We installed two days later because she was worried about her safety. Our usual turnaround time is approximately one week for a standard install , but with Safety/ Security Film installations there is an urgency…for obvious reasons.

Safety/ Security films are much more difficult to install because of the  thickness  of the films.  With  typical solar film we can install up to a thousand square feet a day, with a two man crew working a long day. With Safety/Security film it would take the same crew three days.

Long story short—you can have it all.

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Get those windows secured today.





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